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. we will have a sneak peek at some local fourth of july celebrations. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> are glad to have you with us on this holiday. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. time for travel and weather. we will look at the roads in just a second. we begin with a meteorologist adam caskey. lightning strikes are possible. that poses the biggest threat to everybody outside enjoying the fourth of july. we could have widespread -- we have should not have a widespread, severe thunderstorm
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like yesterday. 69 in very bill. -- berryville. highs this afternoon in the 90's. they should start after 3:00. around fireworks time, cannot rule out the stray patch of storms. highs near 80 degrees on the national mall. high as the rest of the week will hover around 90. typical july whether. -- weather. >> adam, a typical commute -- a typical -- atypical commute. not too many people commuting to keep in mind the hov lanes -- commuting. keep in mind the hov lanes
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restrictions. check out 395 heading up past the beltway. a broken-down vehicle is crowded to the right lane. continue up for the 14th street bridge bid 66 -- light volume. when you can count the cars on one hand, it's not a bad day. cynne, scott? that is one advantage for those of us who have to work on this holiday. no traffic. a bicycle is died in montgomery county. the parks service said the 56- year-old man was driving along the c & o towpath when ed reed -- a tree fell on him. he died on the scene. last night's heavy rain and high winds brought down tree limbs and power lines leaving
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tens of thousands in the dark. >> it sends hundreds -- hundreds of people had to evacuate the national mall. jummy olabanji has more. >> we are here of john roberts lane in arlington. trees are down everywhere, power line -- here on roberts lane in the arlington area. trees are down everywhere, power lines down. the entire national mall had to be evacuated yesterday. it interrupted before the july concert. trees crashed into homes and cars. residents say that looked like a mini tornado. there were power outages across the area.
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not far away, on gw parkway there were so many trees and so much debris in the road with that people got out of their cars to move it. thousands of pepco customers are still without power. virginia and dominion power has around 7000 customers without power -- virginia dominion power has around 7000 customers without power this morning. many of you send us a witness pictures that you took during the storm -- sent us eyewitness pictures that you took during the storm. lightning is blamed for a fire at this methodist church. one firefighter was injured. the blaze caused about $150,000 in damages. services will be held in a nearby church where parishioners are vowing to rebuild.
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6:04 is your time today. is the fourth of july, the 200 and -- today is the fourth of july. >> brianne carter is live with a preview of what everyone can expect on the national mall. >> it is a day of celebrations here in the nation's capital. already, we are seeing some road closures along the national mall, getting ready for the parade. the main event tonight people have come from near and far to see it all. for george and his family there is only one place to be to celebrate the fourth of july. >> you would have to be insane not to come to the concert. >> there are big names on taft
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including -- tap including jordin sparks and josh broban. ♪ -- josh groban. ♪ emmy-award winner jimmy smits will host for the third time. he says that is about much more than just the show. >> when you see young people come from places people who have come to keep these things potent in mind -- >> a lot of people aren't expected to show -- are expected to show. there are a lot of things you will need to know. a lot of rhode closures
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happening throughout the day on the national mall. -- road closures happening throughout the day on the national mall. the parade is at 11:45 this morning. there will be secure areas to go through. the list of what you can and cannot bring is on our website reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. military families will join president obama and his family for a fourth of july celebration at the white house. the independence day celebration on the south lawn will include a barbecue concert and a good view of the fireworks. it is the third year in a row that the president has honored military families on of holiday -- the holiday. the royal couple will take part in a helicopter search and rescue, then a dragon boat race.
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they did encounter some protesters who want to get rid of the british monarchy. still ahead you're on "good morning washington," the all- star rosters are out. we will tell you who is representing the dc9 and why he may not have to go alone.
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>> hi i'm with the beach patrol reminding you rip currents are a leading cause of
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deaeth. ever go swimming -- of death. never go swimming without a lifeguard. good morning, washington. >> let's take a look downside. a beautiful look at the sunrise over laurel, maryland. you can see the sun shine coming over the horizon. currently, 74. low-70's locally, a few upper- 60's in outlying areas. 74 in downtown d.c., 71 at dulles. we will have some scattered thunderstorms developing. we are not expecting any widespread severe thunderstorms, just widespread, a garden variety action. most of the storm should be over with by the time the fireworks go up. we cannot let go of the
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isolated stray storm passing south of the metro. a ta lessd humid tomorrow -- tad less human tomorrow. i am assuming it is -- humid tomorrow. i am assuming it is quiet. no beltway incidents to report. remember the beltway restrictions are lifted thanks to the federal holiday. let's check of 395. no. of duke street, up toward the 14th street bridge. light volume. the will start the switch for the exodus after the fireworks -- they will start the switch for the exodus after the fireworks. nationals and the pirates finished out there four-game series -- their four-game series on sunday.
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was over with early after pittsburgh exploded for eight rounds -- it was over with early after pittsburgh exploded for 18 runs. jayson werth and michael morris both hit by baseballs over the weekend. major league baseball announced the all-star rosters yesterday. tyler clippard will be on the team. michael morris is also on the ballot. coming up in america's money, "transformers 3" conque rs the weekend box office. how much did it haul in? >> it you hate her, if you think she is allying -- if you hatehe her,
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welcome back. checking our top stories -- people all across the region will spend today cleaning up the mess left by last night possible deadly storms. wind -- last night's deadly storms. authorities say a bicyclist die what -- died when a tree fell on him. america's 235th birthday. there was a big rehearsal for the capitol fourth celebration. the bosnian war crimes suspect was thrown out of his arraignment for interrupting during and refusing to enter a plea. he argues that he should be able
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to choose his own lawyer. after six weeks of testimony, more than 80 witnesses, the casey anthony murder trial is going to the jury. the 25-year-old is charged with murdering her two-year-old potter -- daughter 3 years ago. defense attorneys say it was an accident. the closing arguments were made on sunday. >> casey anthony broke down as prosecutors told the jury that she suffocated her daughter with duct tape. they depicted her as a lying selfish party girl killed your daughter to free herself of the burdens of motherhood. -- who killed her daughter to free herself of the burdens of motherhood. the defense suffered a big setback wednesday -- setback
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when the judge said they could not mention suppose and abuse. >> if you hate her if you think she is a lying no-goo slut, you will start to look good as -- no-good slut, you will start to look at this in a different light. >> the irate judge allowed for a reivew of -- review of court policy. >> i apologize. >> i apologize for getting caught up in a moment. >> if it happens again, the remedy will be exclusion and that attorney from further -- exclusion of that attorney from further participation. >> if convicted, casey anthony
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could be sentenced to death. this week marks the end of an era for american spaceflight. space shuttle atlantis is scheduled to lift off on friday morning. when it does, the space shuttle program will come to an end after 30 years and 135 flights. atlantis will carry four astronauts to the international space station for a 12-day mission. it is 6:18. making news in america's money -- the third battle between atutobots and decepticons -- it was a big winner. >> pend's recovery could aid america. many economists -- japan and's recovery could aid america. -- japan's economic recovery
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could aid america according to many economists. compare the average ceo paid to the average worker. -- pay to that of the average worker. rafael nadal was not the only loser at wimbledon. after 23 years, the tennis tournament is reportedly leaving nbc. the latest "transformerss" film had the biggest domestic debut of the year, though it was not as good as last year's film. >> the verdict is still out on whether it was as good. >> people are still showing up. a lot of people will be showing up on the national mall today. they want to know whether they
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will need umbrellas. there will always be weather issues. >> i am going to give you an annual fourth of july forecast. always have your umbrella or ring coast -- rain coats. you almost always need them, even if per for just if peiod of time -- if for just a brief period of time. my biggest concern is the lightning. we are not expecting any widespread severe thunderstorm outbreaks. lightning and gusty winds here and there. a muggy and warm 79 degrees at chesapeake beach lingering clouds overhead. laurel, maryland, that is the sunrise. light west-northwesterly winds.
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the highest accumulation i could find was chevy chase. 1.81 inches. a delphi -- adelphi 1.61. the district -- about 1.34 inches. lingering cloud cover left over this morning. it will continue to break up. overall, it will not be the sonniest -- sunniest ofa fourths. areas of rain in southern illinois and parts of indiana. that is some upper-level energy that will push our way. by the time it makes it here, we should have some instability and that will trigger scattered showers and thunderstorms. the first of which will fire around 3:00 p.m. and thereafter into the afternoon and evening. most of the storms should be over by fireworks time, but we
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cannot rule out an isolated, passing storm especially south of the metro. the highs will be in the 80's. less humidity tomorrow. low-90's and a chance of storms wednesday through friday. the light volume. look at the shot of the toll plaza at sandy point. looking good both ways on 50. the outer loop -- typically we have such volume. there is hardly anybody on the left side. there are just a few people. 395 -- traffic has been light. there was a memorial bridge -- they have just shut down the memorial bridge and other routes along the parade route. coming up next, you might want to call him the last man
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standing. we will talk about a local draftee who is retiring from the army nearly 40 years after the vietnam war. on "oprah," an inside look at a polygamous family.
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welcome back to "good
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morning washington." the last draftee is still in the army long after the vietnam war. he is now retiring. >> he is now 58-years-old. he stayed in the army, eventually serving in iraq. his military career started when he was just 19 and received a letter from the white house. >> your friends and neighbors have selected you to represent them in the armed forces. if somebody had told me i would be in the army for 40 years, i would have laughed. >> he is looking back, getting ready to retire. he will visit arlington national cemetery to pay tribute to some of his former colleagues. he will spend the rest of the fourth of july with friends. >> we appreciate his service. >> absolutely. it is now 6:26. still another half hour of "good morning washington" ahead.
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investigators now know what started a massive blaze in new mexico. a day of celebration in the nation's capital -- all that you need to know for july 4. we will have that story. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center, i will have you [ male announcer ] we are americans. we know right from wrong. and we know the ads blaming president obama for the economy are politics at its worst. the republicans have opposed economic reforms at every turn. and now they have a plan that would essentially end medicare for future retirees... slash education... while giving huge tax breaks to big oil and the wealthy. we can't rebuild america if they tear down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content
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[ jim ] my dad did my grandfather did and it's what we do today.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. it really looked like a mini tornado in our backyard. we saw all of the tree is going sideways. i said, get out of here. >> a mass evacuation on the national mall. >> good morning, washington. rise and shine. it is monday, july 4. i am cynne simpson. >> and i am scott thuman.
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adam caskey is here with the first check of the holiday forecast. it looks like a typical fourth of july, let me put it that way. chance of storms in the afternoon. hot and muggy. starting the day around 70. 71 at dulles airport, 70 in frederick. fredericksburg i-70. downtown 74. the highs will be in the 90's is afternoon. a mixture of sun and clouds. we might play some peekaboo with the clouds today. around 3:00 p.m., storms will begin to fire. scatter storms this afternoon and evening. most of the storms should be over with by fireworks time, specially south of the district. let's look at the traffic.
6:32 am
on 66, light volume across the roosevelt bridge. there are some closures starting downtown closing down memorial bridge, the parade route constitution avenue to keep that in mind. metrorail is opening at 7:00 a.m. -- your way to get downtown for all of the festivities. 14th street bridge is issue- free. the beltway is incident-free. looking good down to but as that in each direction -- as the bank -- bethesda in each direction. of 56-year-old man was riding his bicycle along the sea ando cannot towpath -- c & o canal towpath when a tree fell on him. thehe died on the scene.
6:33 am
his name hasn't been released. the national mall had been evacuated. hundreds of people had gathered to watch the preparations for today's celebrations. >> jummy olabanji has more. >> can start to see what the -- you can start to see what the damage looks like here in arlington. all of this glove behind my mother nature. storms sent people running -- left behind by mother nature. storms sent people running. >> the huge storm came. >> police quickly evacuate did the national mall, the lane --
6:34 am
evacuated the national mall. in arlington powerful winds sent this tree crashing into the historic comhome. neighbors were stunned. >> looks like a mini tornado. we saw all of these trees going sideways. >> drivers who were tired of waiting took matters into their own hands. power outages are also a major concern this morning for several neighborhoods across our region. pepco has less than five and a customer's this morning without power -- 500 customers this morning without power. virginia dominion power is reporting under 7000 customers without power. reporting live in arlington jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we have a slide show of the damage.
6:35 am
send us your pictures at a tree falling on power lines is being blamed for the mass of wildfire in new mexico -- massive wildfires in new mexico. it is only about 19% contained. thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. authorities allowed many of them to return yesterday. a man is in custody after a deadly assault at a family cookout in gaithersburg. two men begin fighting on steven court. they said dashiell struck a man several times the man died, and dashiell is now charged the second-degree murder -- with second-degree murder.
6:36 am
america is celebrating its 235th more they. >> brianne carter is live on the national mall. >> the main event happens along the national mall tonight, the concert, fireworks. it all kicks off in just a little while from now with that parade coming down constitution avenue. people come from near and far to be part of this event and to celebrate the fourth of july here in the nation's capital. the excitement is building. the rehearsals got under way despite the weather last night. a lot of star-studded performers here for the event. >> ♪ >> among those big names you heard there josh groban. also steve martin, jordin sparks. jimmy smits will be the host
6:37 am
for the third year in a row. he says it is about the entire patriotic feeling that comes over the area. the event begins at 8:00 p.m. fireworks are scheduled for 9:00. we have seen road closures underway. log on to for all you need to know. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> it sounds like there are already people out there getting ready for the big day. the 96 annual hot dog eating contest will take place on coating island -- coney island. the contest is sponsored by nathan's and will feature ever -- first ever female title.
6:38 am
>> there's an opportunity for you, cynne. are you interested? >> sure. dipping hot dogs in water and then them down my throat sounds amazing. [laughter] still ahead a guided tour of the nation's best known five- sided building. we go inside the pentagon.
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>> have before the july. it is six across -- happy fourth of july. it is 6:40. let's go to the forecast. to start today we have areas of cloud lingering, with some gray skies to start out. because governor is breaking out as a news out of the metro area -- some of the cloud cover is breaking outpuup as it moves out of the metro area. we are expecting scattered
6:42 am
afternoon storms, starting around 3:00. not everybody will see a storm. do anticipate a few areas of storms moving through. most of the storm should be over with around fireworks time. a few passing storms could hang on for those south of the metro area. 80 degrees at the national mall at fireworks time. as we go into tomorrow, slightly less humid, sunny, in the 80's. let's check on traffic. not too much traffic out there at this hour. 95 into springfield, i-395 -- like volume. the age of the -- light volume. the hov restrictions are lifted until about 7:30 tonight. 66 -- volume light. ballston -- very light volume. the corridor -- 7-free.
6:43 am
there is one incident downtown. back to you. it is amazing that the roads are looking so good.
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welcome back to "good morning washington." here is what is trending on how to navigate the national mall for a glimpse of the fourth of july festivities. what as the future hold for former -- what does the future hold for former imf chief it, dominique strauss-kahn? the nation's military
6:46 am
commanders are overseeing two wars. we take you through the corridors of the world's most famous five-sided building, the pentagon. but it is a fortress city unto itself -- >> it is a fortress city unto itself. it is the nation's largest low- wri -- low-riding office building. this man works at the mayor's office. >> military stile -- style cuts. >> 1 million doughnuts are sold each year. for 25,000 employees that is 40 donuts apiece. there is even a virginia dmv.
6:47 am
the best part? no lines. but you've got to have one of these to get in. there is fine dining. this is the most dangerous hot dog stand in the world. they set accordance -- the russians had their cordless set for right there --coordinates set for right there. >> caught flowerless? no problem. >> there's no excuse. >> there is one benefit that nobody tells you about. on the 4th of july, the best place to watch fireworks is right here. it's hardly compensation for repeat tours in iraq, but membership does have its privileges. on the hill, congress will
6:48 am
not get to enjoy its fourth of july recess, because the house and senate will get back to work to mark as lawmakers try to reach a deal to cut spending -- work tomorrow as lawmakers try to reach a deal to cut spending so that the country does not defiled on its debt for the first time ever -- default on its debt for the first time ever. minnesota state services have been suspended. workers were laid off. the democratic governor and republican leaders could not agree on how to close the $5 billion budget gap. the republican presidential field is getting more crowded. thaddesuus mccotter announced his candidacy over the weekend. insiders say he is a long-shot
6:49 am
candidate. mother is competitors were hitting the campaign trail -- some of his competitors were hitting the campaign trail. michele bachmann, jon huntsman. he was searching for support in new hampshire. >> doing it the way it should be done getting out getting small groups of people. >> our founders were not afraid to talk about a creator. they were not afraid to articulate the fact that we were created in the image and likeness of a holy god. >> hunstman will spend independence day in new hampshire. michele bachmann will be in iowa. let's check on traffic and weather. all eyes are on how the day will shape up. >> said that everybody should
6:50 am
have their umbrellas and ponchos -- you said that everybody should have their umbrellas and ponchos ready. >> might annual forecast is to have that umbrella -- my annual forecast is to have that umbrella handy. be prepared. lightning is the main concern with everybody being an outside. if you hear thunder, that means lightning is in the area. your safest inside a structure -- you are safest inside a structure. you are also safe from lightning inside your car. look at the rain from those storms yesterday. chevy chase 1.81 inches. arlington, 1.37. falls church, just over 1 inch of rain. there is a look at the cloud cover overhead.
6:51 am
celibate grant -- still a bit gray. we will quickly develop some instability in our atmosphere. the upper-level energy is pushing our way. it will get here early afternoon, triggering a few hours of showers and thunderstorms. we could have scattered storms after 3:00. monday -- muggy today. the winds will be shifting of the northwest. around fireworks time, 80 degrees. most of the storm should be over with by that time. one or two could linger and hold on especially south of the metro area. sunset is at 8:37. slightly less humid tomorrow. then, a chance of storms wednesday through friday.
6:52 am
go to for the latest. we are checking out the ride from the beach. it looks great at sandy point on the 50. the beltway -- the volume is nice and light. the 395 hov restrictions have been lifted for the federal holiday until about 7:30. keep in mind your closures downtown. metro will open in jus
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happy fourth of july. casey anthony on trial -- the explosive closing arguments continue. we will have the latest on that case. the search under way for passengers of the both the went down off the coast of mexico with the americans -- of a boat that went down off the coast of mexico with americans on board. shocking news about the case against dominique strauss-kahn. will they be forced to abandon the case entirely? transformers robots are
6:56 am
still proving they can attract an audience. >> "transformers 3" was number 1 at the box office. a quick look at traffic which is almost nonexistent this morning. let's check in with beverly. >> you said it. look at the light volume. hov lane restrictions lifted for the federal holiday. no problems toward the 14th street bridge. 66 is looking good as well. i do not know how it is looking as far as the forecast. here is the fireworks forecast. most of the storms should be over with at that point. one or two could hang on, especially south of the metro area. near 80 degrees. we cannot rule out
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